//What is the future that the Cambodian siblings are aiming for?

What is the future that the Cambodian siblings are aiming for?

Angkor Crypto DNA Co., Ltd. Mr. Tep Chansila
Good Health Organization Mr. Tep Rothavry

This time is a bit unusual in that it is an opportunity for Chansila and Tothavry, who work together as a brother and sister team to run an NGO and a company that raises funds for the NGO, to let as many people as possible know about their activities.
Therefore, this is not the usual interview format. It is a message to our readers.

Hello everyone. My name is SELA. I am the chairman of Angkor Crypto DNA Co., Ltd. in Cambodia. The reasons that we have created DNA-COIN are the 3 important points that we will focus on. The first point is that we would like to make as many of these vaccines as possible to help those people who are suffering from AIDS and cancers. This vaccine was developed by Japanese scientists. The second point is that we will keep establishing hospitals or health centers in which we will also have Japanese doctors working with us. The most important point as well as the third point is that we aim to eradicate AIDS and cancers from Cambodia. We will start our projects firstly from Cambodia.

The future plan of DNA-COIN is that we are going to expand our 3 projects that I have just explained, not only in Cambodia but to all areas throughout the world including Asia, Europe, and America. We would like all of you to trust that we will be able to succeed in what we have promised to do here, especially the three points that we have just talked about.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to those who are present here today and try to understand our company as well as our purposes in doing these projects. I hope that all investors will trust us and join us in eradicating AIDS and cancers from this world. So, I would like you to remember that your contribution is a kind act and it will definitely help many people out there, particularly children in the world for them to stop suffering from AIDS and cancers.

Lastly, I would like to encourage all investors to invest in the projects that we have created because your investment will mean a lot to many people in the world, especially children, and it will help them to get out of the suffering from AIDS and cancers.

Hello, everyone. My name is TEP RATHAVRY. I am the president of the Good Health Non-governmental Organization. The reason that I have established this organization is that I have seen and know that there are so many families that have been suffering from HIV, and the number of cancer patients keeps increasing.

We have 2 health centers at different locations. The first location is Khom Vealrinh, Srok Preynok in Sihanoukville, and our second location is in Battambang province. In Khom Vealrinh, Srok Preynok in Sihanoukville, there are many families who have AIDS patients, and those families with cancer patients couldn’t afford to pay for the treatment. Similarly, in Battambong province, there are also many families suffering from AIDS. Furthermore, a lot of children become orphans because their parents had died of AIDS, and they themselves are also having HIV viruses in their bodies.

Finally, I would like to ask for your kindness in helping our organization because your help will reach many children and poor people in Cambodia, and it will save them from AIDS and the pain due to cancers.

So, one majority of the investment from investors will go to Good Health Organization.

Thanks to great help from Angkor Crypto DNA Co., Ltd. to our organization, we are able to help those children and families who are suffering from AIDS and cancers.