//What can you do for the future of the country?

What can you do for the future of the country?

The economic growth has been rapidly developing Cambodia and it is likely to continue. It is not so new that you see luxurious cars in town. A lot of nice cars like Lexus, Mercedes, and even super luxurious cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Rolls-Royce are not so rare here. It’s true that the used car price here doesn’t drop as much as in Japan so people buy cars sort of as an investment. But still, the automobile import tax here is very expensive so people who can afford to buy nice cars should have enough money to buy them. Because of the increase in land price and foreign investment hugely from China, the population of the upper class has been getting bigger year by year and that encourages the consumption of the middle class. It’s almost like the vibe surrounding Phnom Penh is so lively that you can sense these facts I noted above. If you focus only on this, it is simply good news.
However, the only thing always bothers me is the way middle-class and upper-class people act. Of course, it’s not everyone and I’ve seen so many well-mannered people. Also, it is great that the young generation uses their good language skill and collect fresh information from abroad to adopt new cultures. But I can’t deny that there are just a handful but certainly some people who act in an unbelievable manner towards restaurant staff or security guards.
Children are so pure that they are not good at telling right from wrong. It is us adults who make the present-day world but it is also our role to serve as a good model for the children who make the future of the world. What if there’s an adult who’s acting wrong in the face of children? It could give them a wrong idea, something like “Rich people should act that way”. Adults can make the right judgment but it is a different story for them and it is even harder when the action is made by someone with power.
Children should dream and they can dream of becoming a millionaire. However, when it is motivated by a poor reason like “I can act whatever the way I want if I’m rich”, they would have a biased view on making money. They might even think they should do everything including right and wrong if it leads them to money. What is asked of people with power should not be satisfying their tiny self-respect but seeing the big picture and acting for the future of the country.