//Eight Boat Noodle

Eight Boat Noodle

General Manager Boun Yousrin (Peter)

– Eight Boat Noodle opened on Diamond Island in mid-March. The style of eating 1-2 mouthfuls of noodles one after another has become a big hit among the young, and the No. 2 shop already opened in Boeung Keng Kang in early April. This idea hasn’t been seen in Cambodia until now. How did you come up with it?

I watched old Chinese videos, and I was inspired by how people in the videos piled up the dishes. Then in Thailand, there is a habit of selling noodles on boats, so I decided to sell them by changing the taste and style to suit Cambodian favorites. That is also the name of the shop, Boat Noodle.

– Great idea. Japan has a similar style called Wanko Soba, but I was amazed at first when I visited this shop. How many dishes do you sell a day?

About 2,500-3,000 dishes. Since its opening, the shop is always full and there’s a line-up outside.

– How many dishes do they eat per person?

Eight dishes. This is what I expected at the beginning, so I put “Eight” in the shop’s name. The best record is 15 dishes.

– This style has been a big hit with young people. What do you think is the reason?

First, there is a challenge: the challenge to make something unprecedented and put the customers in the competition of who can eat the most. Second, being delicious. If it is not delicious, people will not eat it even if they are challenged.

– I think the location and the use of our Facebook page work. So please tell us your future prospects.

Currently, we are considering expanding five more franchises. In addition, we are planning a competition event. One person will be selected from each store in Phnom Penh, and the winners of the final competition will receive prizes and souvenirs.

– That is absolutely good to do. Japan has an eating contest, and there is also a rule to compete whether they can finish eating the prescribed amount within the time limit. That way, it also becomes like a commercial because everyone will come to eat with all their might. Finally, as a Cambodian youth, how do you think the same generation should change from now on?

There are a lot of young people with NGOs which I have been working with for a long time, and I taught education and business. Even now, we are hosting a business classroom for free. Most importantly, is to have the confidence to do business. First, decide on a target, and then you’ll become that person. I myself as a young man, have thought about what the current Cambodian youth want and set up the store. Even if you have studied abroad and have various experiences, you will naturally assume there’s a risk if you invest in a business. Any business may fail, but if you put your mind to it with confidence as much as possible, then I believe it is alright to fail. I hope young people will be able to do business on their own too.