//Become a bridge between Cambodia and Japan

Become a bridge between Cambodia and Japan

TGL Co., Ltd. CEO Mr. Tessai Takada

– First, please explain the current condition of Pest Control in Cambodia.

In Cambodia, there’s a massive number of rats and cockroaches.

– If you neglect pest control routines, what type of issues may come up?

You will be inviting harmful bacteria to come and breed, which results in food poisoning. If it is at a restaurant, there can be abnormal substances mixed within the food.

– Are restaurants the only ones that need pest control?

No, it is not limited to restaurants. Offices, homes, and factories also need pest control.

– Does Cambodia have a Department of Public Health come to examine how Japan does it?

Currently, Cambodia does not. Rather, the department to set the sanitation standard/guideline is in a situation either to establish the new standard or not. Because of that, the acknowledgment of Pest Control by the Cambodian people is quite low. On the other hand, popular shops and large shops are highly conscious of sanitary standards. With that being said, there is a growing number of businesses that comply with international standards by obtaining ISO certification.

– In normal homes, it is often thought that spraying by yourself will be effective enough. What is the difference between the norm and the professionals?

It depends on what is to be exterminated but it is completely different compared to a non-professional person. Let’s use rat extermination as an example, you cannot tell where the rats will die after the rats eat the bait poison. The dead rats will not always die within eyeshot, so you might neglect them. If you are to neglect the rats that are not within eyeshot, the carcass will rot and invite bacteria to colonize. Now for cockroaches, there are ones that are unaffected by the sprays being sold at the market. When cockroaches die, they lay their eggs and then kick the bucket. Then the newborn cockroaches are already immune to the spray sold at the market, which leads to no effect.
We, as professionals, plan everything from the extermination timing to the extermination process so that the cockroaches will not lead to immunity. Due to being effective, we are different from non-professionals just spraying the area.

– Where can you see the good and bad in a pest control specialist?

First and foremost, I believe it depends on what type of medicine the specialist is using. It is not about the difference in effectiveness. There is a medicine that does not state what constitutes the solution and ones that have a dangerous effect on the human body. A good analogy is the usage of agricultural chemicals. In the past agricultural chemicals have led to health hazards so you can imagine spraying something similar within the restaurants and offices.
There are companies that are known for selling cheap products but those products have a decent probability of having harmful chemicals to the human body. On that point, we use chemicals that have cleared the rigorous Japanese standard. It may be a bit costly but if you think about the safety, it is not expensive.

– I heard that TGL is starting a restaurant.

Yes, we plan to open at the beginning of June.
It is a Japanese restaurant with the concept of “Edamame’s popularization”. Therefore, we named our restaurant “Edamame”. Edamame is green soybeans.
I personally hope that many can enjoy eating Edamame at any location that offers alcohol. In the future, I plan to become the supplier of Edamame.

– Why did you choose Edamame?

Beans are being eaten around the world, so I thought that they would be easily accepted by the Cambodian people. To tell you the truth, I have many Cambodian friends and they all like eating Edamame often.
On top of that, Edamame has a high nutritional value compromised mainly of Vitamin B1, Methionine, Ornithine, Fiber, Folic Acid, and Isoflavone. Edamame is an excellent food source because it can help with the resolution of the lack of stamina, aid the liver function, lowering high blood pressure, and has been said that beauty effects and supports dieting can be favorable.

– So then the main target shall be the Cambodian people?

Yes, I am focusing on creating a restaurant that the Cambodian people can easily come to. Using Japanese restaurants as an example, it is hard to tell what kind of entrees and plates they make based on the exterior of the restaurant. In the end, it is difficult for the Cambodian people to reluctantly enter the restaurant. On the other hand “Edamame” is being creative by having an exterior that will be easy to tell what kind of restaurant it is and what type of food is being offered. Also, the price range will be similar to Aeon Mall’s price range or lower. We would like to invite the Cambodian people to enjoy the environment, service, food, and more.
On top of that, we are in the process of creating variations of the Edamame with chili, pepper, and other seasonings.
In every possible way, the basis is about presentation. So we will put effort into promotions and have events to bring up TGL’s brand recognition. That is the plan.