//Work-Life Balance in Cambodia

Work-Life Balance in Cambodia

About business in Cambodia, it is not too much to say that the growth of the local staff directly translates into the growth of the company.
For example, could a company with only Japanese people go well in Cambodia? That would be difficult because of the costs as well as Cambodian business customs and language. If the business only deals with Japanese people, it is not impossible, but there would be another question if they really have to come to Cambodia all the way from Japan to start the business.
To work in Cambodia, we at least have to deal with some Cambodian people, and Japanese people and Cambodian people have to start with understanding each other.
For our company, it happened a few times that a staff who we trained carefully quit the job right before becoming fully qualified. Therefore, if our staff member starts going to some kind of school, I expect him to quit the job sooner or later without his intention.
It is common to change jobs for career advancement, so it can not be helped, for employers, the education of the staff is an investment which will pay after they become fully qualified, so if a staff member quit the job before that, it’s a big loss.
However, if any staff member does not work for a long period for a company, the company should need to reconsider if the environment of working has no problems or if they evaluate their staff properly.
In Japan, companies with terrible working environments, which we call “black companies” often come to an issue. How their working environment is terrible depends on each company, but I’ve never felt that working long hours bothers me. That’s because I do not think that my ability is superior to others, so if I only work just like others, I can not be superior to others.
I have been thinking in this way since I started playing soccer in elementary school, and I would always practice by myself until the night fell after the team practices.
I think I was able to do that because I loved soccer, and now I can do it for work because I love my work. As most people spend the most time on work, so it would be hard for them if they did not like their jobs. They might create balance in their lives by enjoying their holidays, though.
A new national holiday has been added to Cambodia’s calendar this year and I do not appreciate it, but I wonder if the Cambodian citizens would be happy with it.
However, Cambodia is now gaining much attention from around the world, and I think now is the time for Cambodian people to start trying to work a bit harder.
There are 28 national holidays on the Cambodian calendar in 2018 and the total is 34 holidays including the substitute holidays. Also, if we include the Chinese new year holiday, which is not official but people take days off conventionally, more than a month is the holiday.
Would it be only me, who is flustered thinking about what the other countries would create and develop while we are off for more than a month?
Of course, working is not everything in our lives, but as I mentioned earlier, if we come to like our work, on which we spend most of our lifetime, our lives would have more fun, so I want my staff to like their job at least.