//Things that made me think on the 2nd anniversary of the first launch.

Things that made me think on the 2nd anniversary of the first launch.

Time flies. Two years have passed since we started the newspaper. Thank you very much for taking our newspaper in hand and supporting it.
On our launch, initially, I did not think that I would feel deeply responsible for every single word and phrase nor that it would be so tough that I could not sleep at night.
In order to set up a business in Southeast Asia, I wandered in Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Indonesia. I noticed that having a fixed concept narrows my vision, and it was not easy with my experience so far. So I observed Japanese people who were there, and I thought about how I could make myself known and the work that I needed to start from now. Even though there are limitations in work started by individuals, I thought it necessary to show my existence. And after looking around, I thought that an information magazine which can make known my existence would be good, because such information is what Ias well as the surroundings want.As I gathered up information magazines, first in order to stand out, the contents are obviously important, but what seems to be most necessary for the subsequent information magazine is the fact that it catches everyone’s eye and is taken in their hand. Therefore, I visited the Yangon Press of Myanmar, and requested that the editor-in chief help me to do a product in Cambodia that would appeal using sizes and stands which are different from other companies, and they agreed readily.
First I desired to make aneye-catching newspaper, so I recall what I had desperately asked at various places, such as the airport called the entrance of the country and the Japanese embassyand consulates in Cambodia.
In the past two years, I have spoken what I wanted to say, spit venom, wrote an endless stream about the harsh business environment and the way of thinking in Cambodia, the behavior and temperament. But as soon as I noticed I straddled the rental motorbike in a blinded fashion and ran around,I thought there are things that I already cannot do with the body nearly 60 years’ old. As to how to succeed,either we look at companies around us or our own company.I feel keenly that it’s time to leave the role of distributing this paper to the people active in the front line in their 30s and 40s.
In this way it will end with the elderly joke!
I find that if our company does not evolve, we will impart mistaken information or old ideas in the content that thousands of people will read.
Today, young people are also working on future projects, launchingone after another the digital parts,such as system management of the digital signage of AEON Mall and touch panels that are often seen in the city and development of applications.
We will do our utmost on the work of”disseminating” while undergoing various changes, so we appreciate your support.
However, I will tell you firmly in the paper about inexcusable cases such as exploiting Cambodia or fraud. The story of Japanese beef was reported on the NHK program. As much as 250 tons of beef is imported into Cambodia a year. It is said that most of this is flowing to China, through changing the packages and invoices to Laos or Vietnam then selling it wholesale to yakiniku restaurants in Shanghai etc. There was a case that 200 grams of steak was eaten at 25,000 Japanese yen. The other day the Japanese person involved in this was said to have been arrested by the Chinese authorities.
Actually, I’ve heard about this matter for quite a while.And people who want to do it came to me, not only regarding beef, but people behind the scenes constantly attempt to make use of Cambodia,and I feel frustrated when they talk to me about crime.
When thinking about how it will cause inconvenience to those doing business related to Cambodia, or lower Japan’s reputation, I will open my mouth and post the real names, so I wish they would act with caution.