//“Sincerity” to convey through the attitude of working.

“Sincerity” to convey through the attitude of working.

Recently, I accompanied the chairperson of a Japanese company whom I got to know through a unique relationship on a study tour that invited Cambodian government officials to Japan. I was able to spend the time I usually could not experience.
Details of the inspection are written down on the following page. They seemed to be satisfied enough with the schedule. But more than that, the company representatives introduced the delegates to Japanese culture, customs, and town development. They spent significant time explaining and demonstrating the reason why Japanese people are rich in emotion and can do detailed work. I admired “This is really Japanese people”, the attitude to deepen Cambodian people’s understanding of Japan, and the officials too were impressed. They looked puzzled at the beginning over why they were guided to such a place. They visited the Imperial Palace, which even Japanese people can rarely enter, and looked at the magnificent site, which has not a piece of garbage, and they felt the pride and respect of the people involved there. Furthermore, they met the administrative head, heard the ideas and the story of town development, and eagerly held a meeting and asked questions so as to try to learn at least a little.
I could hear their true honest feelings when I asked them what they got on their return.
“We looked, listened to the story, and understood the splendor. But why are they willing to spend their time for many days for us? I knew the tightness of the schedule, but employees drove all through the night about a thousand kilometers from Ibaraki to Hiroshima to do a factory visit, then traveled from Hiroshima by bullet train to be in time for the afternoon appointment, the whole company reduced their sleep for us. If it were us, we would have ended up saying “no time”, but everyone gives their attention from beginning to end asking “How was it? Have you seen a lot?” Why is nobody pretentious so far? Very mysterious.”
The reason I wanted you to know the company chairperson who invited us this time is the trust and faithfulness with the other party in working, and also the importance to achieve the same goals in understanding each other. I understood they felt it even a little. Actually, I hold a meeting with Cambodian people at night, they emphasized that they understood well about garbage recycling as well as the Japanese heart.
I think we cannot create this kind of opportunity easily, but I was convinced that they will be able to play a role in the bright future of Cambodia. It is, I know it from the time I saw them drink tea together smiling while saying “Toast!” every time one impression or suggestion comes out during the meal, and I also felt friendship beyond countries.