//Pitfalls were hidden behind the development.

Pitfalls were hidden behind the development.

At this time of the year which is the rainy season, we are often frustrating and cannot even act as intended. On the other hand, half the year has already passed, and finally, it is time we get used to a new way amid the rule changes by the law revision. Further business of railway, highway to each tourist spot, highway to the border, ANA in service in September, the announcement of the 130-story condominium plan and construction of large-scale projects, etc., the speed of such development still does not fall. But in our daily life here, the buzzing feeling perhaps atmosphere or sensory becomes welling up.
Routinely flowing news and the surrounding events, chat with acquaintances, dinner with the people of the government offices and military, there is a status quo that does not sit right. There was a big collapse as the road swallowed a few cars in the heavy rain under condominiums built one after another like bamboo shoots, the rain which had nowhere to go because a lot of swamps has been reclaimed by the land readjustment flooded here and there, the decrease in public peace such as the growth of youth crime and drugs. The income gaps and the excessive development have broken the balance of supply and demand.
It’s like trying to fit a square to a round thing.
I am allowed to work in Cambodia, this way I’m not in a position that I can say, but I feel that aren’t we also taking the power harassment of capital and technology? As there is front and back, there leave some parts which cannot catch up with the progress, the more it becomes convenient, the more we feel inconvenient on the contrary. Now if I recall, when I tried to feast as a child in Cambodia, I was told that “I eat if you feed me from now on, otherwise I would eat a usual meal because it is painful when I want to eat again”, then I had to say “let’s try your best so that you can eat at any time.” Although I didn’t realize it at that time, right now I feel embarrassed with myself that began such irresponsible words, not considering the fact that there are various things such as income and work, family, and the future that he is unable to build. It is this selfish behavior that unconsciously produces various gaps and power harassment, and you might feel a sense of incongruity these days.
The gaps between information overflow and the real world, news that can’t be told, the difficulty of knowing a country in a limited time, such distance is something very faraway even if communication and transportation have been developed so much.
A long-established competitor has announced a suspension of publication which also serves as a renewal. As I would say that a magazine which everyone always has carried around when they come to Cambodia is disappeared, it is a much more thought-provoking month.