//Pay attention to protect yourself in daily life.

Pay attention to protect yourself in daily life.

As we have stated at the beginning of the year, the number of Japanese companies and tourists entering Cambodia has increased, but the number of crimes committed also seems to have increased since the Chinese New Year. We re-examine recent crime locations and circumstances based on the hazard map that was previously published and hurry the work to prompt danger avoidance. In fact, I also met with a bag-snatching the other day when I was riding a tuk-tuk with an acquaintance and once again I felt I cannot be off guard. At that time, the bike ahead had been running slowly to look for a house. While I was careful because I had a feeling of strangeness, another two-seater bike from the side appeared, pried open my legs and took away the bag at my feet. It was also the place where occurred even though three police officers were in the opposite lane. Thirty minutes later, a tragic incident occurred along the same road. This time a woman almost had her luggage stolen and was shot twice with a pistol because she resisted. I shuddered as I might even have been shot if it was the same situation. In addition, there was an incident at the riverside where the victim had their arm cut badly enough to reach the bone. I have the fear that robbery has become more commonplace.
In addition, I am annoyed with police officers as well. Despite the crime happening in front of their eyes they don’t chase the offender. Instead, they said “you should go to the police station.” It appears to be a behavior of complete abandonment of their duties. I feel shame and resentment for them in comparison with a police officer who died in the crackdown on consecutive daysunder the scorching sun. Since they are wearing uniforms, their conduct will never be forgiven. I’m going to protest even against the government.
Moreover, card fraud that is aimed at travelers and short-term residents doesn’t decrease. I used to heard also about a malicious crime in which they talk in broken Japanese, guide the victim to the place where their fellows are waiting on the pretext of meals and parties and make you withdraw money from an ATM as well as take the money on hand by a clever trick. Again, I describe some of the attention points for crime prevention. 1) When you call on a mobile phone, put it on the ear which is opposite to the road. 2) Do not hold your bag on the side of the road. 3) Do not show your wallet wherever possible. 4) Lock the doors when riding in a car. 5) Avoid flashy clothes and belongings. 6) Use a taxi as much as possible because the fare is cheaper than a tuk-tuk (when riding a tuk-tuk, choose the one that comes with a net or bar) and so on.
They are trivial things that you seem not to care about, but you should always be careful for your safety. Be especially careful before and after a big event where the number of those committing crime increases rapidly as they want pocket money. You should be careful too during this season when the Khmer New Year holidays are over.