//Now, we need more visionary power!

Now, we need more visionary power!

“Visionary power “. Impractical, because there will be a nuance called the idea to escape from life, the surrounding environment, and work.
In modern times, being chased by constraints and time, one’s satisfaction and sense of fulfillment are likely to be secondary, with priority given to handling tasks one by one. There would be few people who can find affection and reward for the company and work in the true sense. People dealing with numbers in everyday work obtain the experience and sense of accomplishment by how efficient they are streamlined, but it’s a very tough era for people in the creative fields such as production or design writers. However, in any kind of work, the degree of work completion will be much higher by looking ahead to the goals and visualizing success. In addition, if one has policies, they will not get lost in choices and they can fine-tune even if they waver halfway.
In the past, the Japanese had an excellent ability to look ahead while doing what was at hand. That’s why they have created things that exceed the original in anticipation of their ideals, not just imitation of the prior art in the post-war production industries. The current Japan has faded in its influence on the world in many aspects, and revitalization has come to a standstill. However, outside Japan, its popularity is still very high, as compared with other countries, in the nature of cars or electrical appliances, clothing, and enterprises. It may be time to exert visionary power to get closer to the ideal that we have almost forgotten!
For example, there are manufacturers that unabashedly produce cars with the design very similar to other companies, but they are completely without aura due to poor of visionary power and in the same way this reflected what’s inside them are unattractive too. To visualize a plan, not only the result, but also the process becomes an important factor. First, by defining the superlative ideal, the intermediate steps for how to increase the degree of perfection and to determine the originality and uniqueness will weigh on your mind one by one. There is no choice but to suspect their qualities as designers if they are able to make only products very similar to those off-the-shelf without imparting a unique point of view. Especially in Cambodia, there are a lot of hurdles confronting anyone wishing to proceed with one’s own plan. It might be the place where visionary power is tested, that requires an exceptionally strong will or sound process.
People in Kumamoto, who were hit by a major disaster in April, said that they want to make town planning better than ever before, rather than just do reconstruction. Those are very powerful words to think about, because it’s tough just to regain their life. I really take my hat off to those victims who have the visionary power to surpass their living standard before the earthquake; who not only address the recovery of buildings and their living environment, but also do not lose strength and hope when faced with an emergency.