//New potential under the big wings.

New potential under the big wings.

It serves as a landing with new potential under the big wings, but not only that, what we want to hope is that another distance will be shortened, such as culture and information, which is not visible to the eyes.
With fewer people saying silly things such as “Are there any land mines left?”, and “Is Angkor Wat in Vietnam?”, and fewer people underestimating Cambodia, the number of scams that come outwhen searching about Cambodia on the Internetcan also decrease.
Recently, when companies from Japan have come to visit Cambodia, many still apathetically say in a way as if entering someone’s house with their shoes on, such as they will consider if Cambodia desires, or they will compromise if you ask Japanese companies.
After the end of the war, Japan also started making things and businesses from nothing, without distinguishing either good or bad, imitated the good things, from there created things that exceeded the original, worked hard to build the Japan of today. In a sense, that growth could build at its own pace, but in Cambodia the pace is largely different from Japan. Due to the development gap from, and speed of change of, the surrounding region, and the culture, history, and education that should convey …,but had been erased by the ominous era.
By being in Cambodia, we becomesensitive and are often disgusted by Japanese people the same as we become strangely sensitive to Japanese food.
Recently, it seems that there have been many complaints where readers may receive a rebuke such as “not again!”, so we willtalk about a positive story and make an economic and political story another time. Cambodia is often figuratively likened to the Showa era of Japan, and the author thought that was strong too. However, as described above, its substance is of different pace. In some industries, bringing what others do not do or individuality to the fore, not because everyone already does, doing narrow and deep, rather than wide and shallow, business emerges. Away to use psychology rather than simply proceed bizarrely or topically, a way to increase the level of satisfaction by providing a wide variety of services, such as a concierge, or by the strength of the ties with customers such as “me and my shop,”“my own thing”, for example shops with things that others do not have or hideaway, are already modern businesses themselves.
Meanwhile, I think those Japanese who come for business better stop wearing somewhat inappropriate dress such as shorts and sandals.
Looking at various countries, Japanese people are the sloppiest, and I want to question whether they can dress like that when they work in Japan.
At that point, they are so embarrassed they hold only such information as Cambodia is a hot country even if they are enthusiastic about doing business.
Because Japanese etiquette and mannersare inherently wonderful, how about first correcting your dress and etiquette and come to Cambodia?