//Language and culture, cooperation among countries is the pioneering vision of the new Cambodia

Language and culture, cooperation among countries is the pioneering vision of the new Cambodia

The importance of “being able to speak English”
After launching a newspaper, I feel the weakness of my dilemma and aspirations all the time. That is not being able to speak English. I often feel irritated at important moments during communication and business negotiations with other parties because I do not have a tool called English. With my personality, I will not keep quiet when I do not understand something, but I will break in and use limited words that I know and prick up my ears like a dumbo. However, after all, my lack of knowledge of the language is rather disturbing. I have had unpleasant experiences several times being told by the other party that “if you understand, why you don’t speak”. It never means I am content with the fact that I can’t say what I want, but I can’t overcome the aging issue, even though I have challenged this and that. My concentration and memory has been limited to not even half of what I used to have during my younger time.
It’s a feeling like falling out like a balloon with a hole.
And, it doesn’t make sense talking about one’s tameness here forever. In other words, I am surprised at the diligence for languages of young people in Cambodia. A recently hired male staff member, who studies Japanese on his own, speaks the language fluently. Since the ability to speak another language is directly linked to income, for them it is an arduous task. Unlike Japan where people can easily learn and have a variety of choices, they apply it to work rather than attending school, and all I can do is to take my hat off to them for the environment in which they spend their sleeping time for study.
However, one disappointing thing is they are not that enthusiastic about any academic area of study that is not about making money. To just focus lightly on morals, rules, and attitude is not enough. Although there is no formal education about that, it is our task how to clarify it, and it also becomes the keyword for our company. The importance of the observance of traffic rules shall be explained, and moral education such as if we make the city clean so crime will be reduced must also be carried out. That’s why it is necessary to be aware of each other about the desperation that we must learn from them and what they must learn. Finally, I make this month’s page while blushing as if there has been an improvement in English by talking, learning, and making an effort every day.