//Greet the New Year

Greet the New Year

It is my third year that I have been writing this word like this.
In Cambodia, which is a country without much sense of the season, this word sounds like a sacred word.
Especially, there are many New Year celebrations in Cambodia throughout the year, for example, Chinese New Year, Khmer New Year, etc. This has diverted the original meaning of the New Year celebration. Furthermore, because Cambodia is hot for the whole year, the word “Happy New Year “is just said to be a stimulus to refresh myself.
I have been publishing some enlightening articles against fraud, bag-snatching, etc. on newspaper pages for several times so far, but the number of victims has never shown any decrease at all. In the latest issue of my publication, I wrote an article about a fraud case involving an amount of 6000 USD. This kind of unfortunate news is merely the tip of the iceberg. Of course, to reduce the number of victims to 0 is not an easy task, but if we can reduce even only 1 case that can possibly be prevented by just changing the awareness and knowledge in people’s mind through our published articles, it is worthy of continuing it and it is we social media’s mission as well as our duty to complete, so we will keep on doing it even from now on.
Recently, we had a talk with one of our readers ( a Cambodian resident), and the reader said that most of the victims were tourists because residents already had a thorough knowledge of such situations in Cambodia, so it should not be a problem for those people. It is a fact that those who have been living in Cambodia are more alert in preventing crimes from happening than tourists, but isn’t the growing of such consciousness to think that “I will be fine” just one of the reasons to cause the carelessness shared by all victims? It means that first of all, we have to change our own awareness. So, we would like those readers who have read about this here to stop the thought of “I will be fine”, and start to think again and ask themselves whether they are truly fine.
On the other hand, in terms of economy, this year also shows that many businesses were newly born in this country and this acceleration seems not to decrease for a period of time from now. However, if we don’t keep a close eye on this, there will be a sudden change in the work process, progression and trend, so we cannot become negligent at all.
For example, when condominiums start to spring up, it is followed by the formation of high-class residential areas. By this, the purpose of building houses will change from living purpose to investment purpose. But once we start to think that the acceleration is slowing down, it suddenly changes its direction to cheap-house construction. With these cheap prices, it will not be a good paying if we don’t build those houses in the suburbs, and the building of roads also become necessary for that purpose. In this way, we need to watch over the continuous progression that keeps changing from one situation to another, and which is quicker to change compared to other countries.
Furthermore, since the end of the year, the installation of signals in every corner in the city, the road development, the prevention of flood and other infrastructure development supported by JICA , have been converted into business by private companies, and expansion will start to grow.
Those enterprises that plan to expand their business this year or who are considering of doing this should make a good study, and shouldn’t accept people’s words without questions or make useless trips just for the sake of inspection. They should assign 1 or 2 employees to be in the local area, and find out about its current situation and its environment. This way will save the expense and the accuracy better than having 5 or 10 people come. If this is impossible, I think that you should find a better partner who can watch over the company and make the business become successful.
I personally think that many Japanese people who have been here, even if we separate some of them as large enterprises, are mostly arrogant and holding on to the old ways of thinking.
Is it impossible just to be a little simpler person?!