//Economy without morality is guilt, morality without the economy is nonsense.

Economy without morality is guilt, morality without the economy is nonsense.

It is a sentence that represents a concise and easy-to-understand way of doing business. For those who are aiming to expand their businesses overseas from now on, I recommend they strip down to this simple thought, and from there, find their dreams and a sense of satisfaction.

Even by doing the same thing, there are profitable places and places that are not profitable. While there are thriving eateries, even if there are few seats and no air conditioning, there are also places that have been established by providing $2 meals, and there are also places that do not work well even if with financial challenges. A theoretical explanation that’s like an equation is sometimes possible, but I feel that you would not be successful if you do not have “flexibility and a firm root” as a willow in foreign countries.

I think there are many parts that are not suitable for others in my personal story, but I would like to tell it when I opened a car dealership when I was young because I’ve always liked cars. At the time, the start-up capital did not go as well as I wanted, and I began to lower my head toward my relatives. But there were so many car dealers in Japan, and I couldn’t have rivalries with used car shops that have large assortments of merchandise. So I better put a little distance from the car itself. I thought that I could have a chance as long as I did nifty support related to cars such as those that are in trouble at the time of purchase, maintenance, failure, or the like. Through trial and error, instead of the size of the shop and types of vehicles, the operating time will be “every time” to meet 24-hour requests. I also stopped drinking and began a car dealership to be able to move at any time. Then, the busy transportation company working from morning till night, the athletes who practice in the daytime and have matches at night during on-season, and those from the entertainment industry whose day and night are reversed became customers, I could find any way out in that I devoted myself to work to meet the needs of other parties.

In Japan, there are also still many chances, and if you keep the higher quality even a successful Ramen shop could take time for a Michelin star, you will be recognized from around the world. Countries overseas are interesting places where you can work a little bit differently. If you are not wrong about the meaning of “because” overseas, I think there are countries that are attractive places worthwhile working in. As one example, we have launched “Thmey Thmey Japan” in the form of quickly taking over the news content of Cambodian news to web delivery in the Japanese language. We deliver daily news almost in real-time to companies that are going to expand their businesses, and to the residents. By feeling closer to Cambodia, and knowing present Cambodia, I hope it can be helpful to your business expansion and ease of living.