//Cambodia moves to a new stage with new ideas.

Cambodia moves to a new stage with new ideas.

A Japanese bookstore called Tsutaya is famous for taking space, product display, and handling to a whole new level. When I lived in Tokyo, I also frequented a store at Roppongi Hills in the middle of the night. Although I was concerned all along where that idea came from, this time I was surprised again when I read an article about attempts to fuse together various products with consumer electronics products. It would arouse your interest if the latest hair dryer was put next to a book about beauty, and no doubt you’ll be tempted to try it yourself if there are waffle makers put together with cookbooks. I am really impressed at the way new purchasing power is obtained and comes with such a strong psychological effect, as well as by the combination of books and coffee. I also envy how Cambodia can be guided only through absolutely straight sales, and I also realize there is still an abundance of things that should be done on their own.
When I was young, I was told by the boss, “keep in mind the sales by imagining a golf course in your head”. Instead of swinging a driver with all one’s strength, imagine until the last putt, and on top of that, consider various situations such as wind and grass. In other words, it is taught us that we shall take into account the other party’s ideas and budget, etc. when conducting business and working without forgetting the normal mental pattern. At the time, I couldn’t understand because I had never played golf, but I found out what certainly leads to sales one by one when I began to hold the club by myself. Since then, I remember that I began doing business while carrying an invisible club set.
Recently in this country, shops have sprung up that serve in small amounts and at a low cost which allows you to eat as many bowls as you want while thinking about the condition of your empty stomach – and the contents of your wallet. Not only is it directly linked to the product ingenuity, but by carrying out morning assemblies, cleaning, and nail inspections, such methods appeal indirectly to the product mix, customer sentiment, and corporate image that have increased. One of the reasons is that, again by the expansion of Japanese companies, they are able to think from the viewpoint of business evolution and customers’ motives and are able to step forward. In addition, the new style can also be seen such as young people adopting unprecedented techniques in reference to the business of ASEAN nations and expanding it using new merchandise. Of course, there is a gap with conservative businesses, but the business and industry are undergoing a complete change if you begin to work with the idea same strategies as one year ago, or with sheer insights just by going around the city by tuk-tuk, you’ll definitely be puzzled by the difference between the reality and your own wits. Compared to a year ago, whether they understood it or the coping methods were penetrated, the easygoing way of store openings has decreased. However, I sometimes have a sense of crisis to those attempting to open their businesses with the same attitude as ever in certain jobs, ransack the places, have trouble with Cambodian people, and finally withdraw. With the identity as Japanese, we should aim at work where we can improve each other with Cambodian people in this country.