//About education by “complimenting” and “scolding”

About education by “complimenting” and “scolding”

Cambodia is becoming prosperous; ultra-luxury cars are running on the streets, and luxury homes worth millions of dollars are lined up. However, this month I want to introduce our Cambodian staff who live a normal life and commute by motorcycle, and their experience at work. There is five Cambodian staff involved in our newspaper. But two people who commenced from the launch time have become used to the yelling of a noisy president, have learned to wait for his anger to subside, and now also understand the meaning of being scolded. The remaining three people still have strong feelings of fear when they are scolded, and become unable to think about anything. But after that, everyone is back to normal. In other words, it can be forgotten quickly and therefore there is a vicious circle of making the same mistake again and again.
 Sales staff thus began to run off after just hearing part of the story. Sales reports will not be reported if we don’t demand them. It is obvious they have overlapping plans despite having the agenda. Considering the distance between two places it would take 30 minutes to travel, but they only move with10 minutes to go. Even though they can make appointments, they would rush out without checking in advance. It is irritating from a Japanese point of view, the image of doing sales illogically has required patience and perseverance to tell them repeatedly. If we look at the sales situation, most of them adopt a pattern of “reply by email because the boss is absent”. Who can we meet, when can we get the reply, when can we take the next appointment, etc., whether it is exceptionally difficult to clear, they often end up halfway. On the streets, flyers are often handed out to people waiting for a traffic light, and we have seen almost everyone receive them. Although I doubt whether there is interest in the flyer, so I tried to ask them and they replied: “it is a pity if we don’t receive”. I think perhaps the flow of appointments described above is also the same, that the reason may be because it is a pity to refuse.
 So far I have described the difficulty and irritation in different circumstances and environments. To unravel this tangled thread carefully little by little, I begin to teach at the same time the meaning, purpose, and necessity of things that need to be done. As a method to deal with the staff, I give them a job that can be completed per day. I then do a thorough follow-up, simplifying the progress and results so that the outcomes will be easy to see. If we give instructions by selecting the words in conformity to the other party, then comprehension will also be improved. Recently, staff has voluntarily made a morning meeting, and they try to make another appointment with the other party who once rejected this. If I look at the figure they began to act from thinking in the head before moving their body, I think it’s rewarding for me and the smiles of our staff will be increased too.